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Although they are usually Japanese, who built the first hotel in Osaka capsules in 1979 by a guy named Kisho Kurokawa. The prices were slightly below 1600 yen at that time. It is a uniquely Japanese phenomenon not only for reasons of space, but because Japan remains a relatively safe country, and that this tool would be unthinkable in many other countries. Not until 1985, when the Tsukuba Science Expo has been announced in Japan capsule hotel. It was not enough space to accommodate everyone, so the organizers decided to capsule hotels so that everyone could enjoy the holiday and Expo. This news was reported by a major Japanese broadcaster, and since then capsule hotels are now part of Japanese vocabulary. It 's the first reported capsule hotel in Tokyo Shinjuku Green Plaza, located in the red light district of Kabukicho. Green Plaza is also the largest in Tokyo with 630 rooms.
No need most are keys to our room, so you have to put your valuables in a separate cabinet. You need to share the bathroom, toilet and bathroom with the other (most capsule hotels have sauna included). Most bases have in place and have shared bathroom to share with other customers. Many capsule hotels have a large bathroom as 'Rotenburo', the 'we', meaning that you can relax under the open sky. When you enter, you must remove your shoes, put them in a shoe to lock with the key provided. Then insert the shoe locker key to reception staff and offer a different key for a small closet. At this point, to give them a description of how the system works.

There are usually Yukata, bath towel and small towel in a locker to put their things. After doing this then you can go to your room. You look a little 'television while lying down (usually about 8 inches). In fact, the capsule hotel so close that you can watch the lights, air conditioning, TV, radio and alarm clock from bed without moving operation. There is a downside largely soundproof, so you can, to the person next to you snoring (plug recommended) to listen. Most hotels have a two-tier system, so that each room is equipped with two capsule rooms, one above, below. The people at the front to tell you if you are up or down and you can access the upper floor in the upper bunk. For those over 190 cm, must bend your legs slightly if you go to bed. For those who are slightly overweight, there is usually no problem with the width. While many people use capsule hotel, why miss the last train, which can be booked below on the Internet or a telephone.
Many of them take only men, but some are exclusive for women. As regards the limit of time, puts a control on the clock time of 17:00 and 10:00 check-out clock. Depending on the type of capsule hotel, you are forced to return to the hotel at 02.00, but others are open 24 hours. That require the most that one night stay, there are some that you can use the facilities for a shorter period if you wish, but only allow a break. For example, the Capsule Inn Akihabara, which allow you to have a shower 500 yen or sleep / rest for 3 hours for 1200 yen or 2500 yen for seven hours instead. Some places have restrictions on how many nights you stay, so look, if you wait more than 2 nights, you should check the conditions before booking. Capsule hotels are likely to be dominated by men only, but there are many places where women can be provided. Some are exclusively for women and some men and women should be allowed to remain in the same complex, while the housing and separate bathing areas. Could not most of them have food and drink by yourself and you must be over 18 years.
Although the foreign describe capsules hotel 'as hotels Coffin', in many cases, it is a description unjust. Some of the most recent capsule hotels have Internet access, room key, private videos (eg Hotel Dandy in Ueno) and private bathroom with shower. They also have a cabin types, with chair and table. Later, a double bed, capsule hotels have been introduced, which allowed two people in a room. Many new factories, upstairs to open it like a sauna (rotenburo) and separate massage room. In particular, some women are just very bizarre capsule hotel of high quality spas.

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